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GIS and Spatial Analysis

Geospatial Data

Part 3: Data Collection

John Lindsay
Fall 2015


  • Jensen and Jensen Chapter 3


  • If a GIS is a system for analyzing geospatial data, then we must consider where we can acquire the data used by the GIS.
  • We may classify the various data sources as in situ and remote sensing data collection sources.

In situ Data Collection Methods

  • GPS/Land surveying
  • Ground-based sampling (census)
  • Digitization of hard-copy data

Remotely Sensed Data Collection Methods

  • Aerial photography
  • Multispectral/hyperspectral
  • Thermal infrared imaging
  • LiDAR (laser scanning)
  • Radar (active microwave)
  • Sonar (used for bathymmetry)

Satellite Navigation Systems

Satellite navigation systems
GPS constellation
Land surveying
GPS assisted land surveying
Digitizing device
Land surveying with GPS

Remotely Sensed Data Sources

Remote sensing platforms
Remote sensing data sources
Multispectral imagery
Multispectral imagery
Hyperspectral imagery
Thermal infrared imagery
Hyperspectral imagery
Thermal infrared imagery
Radar systems
Common radar data sources