This tool identifies each sink (i.e. topographic depression) in a raster digital elevation model (DEM). A sink, or depression, is a bowl-like landscape feature, which is characterized by interior drainage. Each identified sink in the output image is assigned a unique value greater than zero. The Sink tool is implemented as a python script, which calls the Fill Depressions tool and the Clump tool. A temporary raster is created during the operation and should be deleted upon completion.

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This is an example of a Python script using this tool:

wd = pluginHost.getWorkingDirectory()
input_file = wd + "input.dep"
output_file = wd + "output.dep"
args = [input_file, output_file]
pluginHost.runPlugin("Sink", args, False)

And the following is a Groovy script also using this tool:

def wd = pluginHost.getWorkingDirectory()
def inputFile = wd + "input.dep"
def outputFile = wd + "output.dep"
String[] args = [inputFile, outputFile]
pluginHost.runPlugin("Sink", args, false)