This tool is a Boolean operator, i.e. it works on True or False values. Grid cells for which THE FIRST input raster has a True value BUT NOT THE SECOND raster are assigned 1 in the output raster, otherwise grid cells are assigned a value of 0. All non-zero values in the input rasters are considered to be True, whilst all zero-valued grid cells are considered to be False. Grid cells containing NoData values in either of the input rasters will be assigned a NoData value in the output raster.

An example of each of the logical operators (AND, OR, XOR, and NOT) is given below for clarification:

Logical Operators

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The following is an example of a Python script that uses this tool:

wd = pluginHost.getWorkingDirectory()
inputFile1 = wd + "input1.dep"
inputFile2 = wd + "input2.dep"
outputFile = wd + "output.dep"
args = [inputFile1, inputFile2, outputFile]
pluginHost.runPlugin("NOT", args, False)

This is a Groovy script also using this tool:

def wd = pluginHost.getWorkingDirectory()
def inputFile1 = wd + "input1.dep"
def inputFile2 = wd + "input2.dep"
def outputFile = wd + "output.dep"
String[] args = [inputFile1, inputFile2, outputFile]
pluginHost.runPlugin("NOT", args, false)