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Download Whitebox Geospatial Analysis Tools

Whitebox GAT 'Montreal' v. 3.4.0
To download Whitebox GAT, please click the link below appropriate to your operating system:

MacOS 64-bit (62 MB compressed) Download

Windows 64-bit (64 MB compressed) Download

Linux 64-bit (64 MB compressed) Download

Whitebox 3.4.0 requires Java 8u20 or higher, which can be downloaded from the Oracle site here; please update your Java runtime before launching Whitebox. Also note that Java 8 no longer supports the Windows XP operating system. If you are running Windows XP, you should not upgrade to this version of Whitebox GAT.

The Whitebox GAT source code is now hosted on GitHub.

If you experience problems with the download link above please follow this link or contact Dr. John Lindsay (jlindsay(at) regarding your issues.

LAUNCHING WHITEBOX GAT ON WINDOWS 10: Please note that several users are finding that Whitebox GAT (in fact, all Java programs) will not launch by double-clicking the JAR file on Windows 10 machines. YOU MUST LAUNCH WHITEBOX BY DOUBLE-CLICKING THE Whitebox.bat FILE CONTAINED WITHIN THE WHITEBOX FOLDER.

Software License

Whitebox GAT is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3. The action of downloading this software carries with it an implicit agreement to abide by the terms of the license.

Running Whitebox GAT

Whitebox has been developed for the Java platform. As such, users will need to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 8.0 or higher installed and operating on their computers. If you experience an error when you first try to launch the program, you likely do not have the JRE installed on your machine. Whitebox is tested on Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux, and will likely work on any operating system supported by the JRE.

Installing Whitebox should be as easy as downloading the zipped file below and unzipping it onto a local directory on your computer. Because Whitebox does not need an installation program, it will run off of a USB pen drive, which is ideal for teaching. To launch Whitebox double-click on the WhiteboxGIS.jar file within the uncompressed Whitebox directory. A jar file is the equivalent of a exe file on Windows and should automatically run once double-clicked if the JRE is properly installed. Your system must be configured to execute .jar files by double-clicking but this is usually the case by default. On computers running linux, you may have to set the execution bit. You may wish to place a shortcut to the .jar file on your desktop for easier access. NOTE: Microsoft Windows users may prefer to launch Whitebox GAT by double-clicking the Whitebox.bat file, also contained within the Whitebox folder.

Whitebox can also be launched from the command-line by changing the working directory to the Whitebox directory (within your operating system’s terminal application) and typing:
java -jar WhiteboxGIS.jar

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Contact Information

Dr. John Lindsay
Rm. 346 Hutt Building
Department Geography, Environment & Geomatics
University of Guelph
50 Stone Rd. East
Guelph, ON, Canada, N1G 2W1

Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 56074
Find me: LinkedIn, ResearchGate.

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