WhiteboxTools Runner

There is a Python script contained within the WhiteboxTools directory called 'wb_runner.py'. This script is intended to provide a very basic user-interface, WhiteboxTools Runner, for running the tools contained within the WhiteboxTools library. The user-interface uses Python's TkInter GUI library and is cross-platform. The user interface is currently experimental and is under heavy testing. Please report any issues that you experience in using it.

The WhiteboxTools Runner user-interface

The script must be run from a directory that also contains the 'whitebox_tools.py' Python script and the 'whitebox_tools' executable file.

To launch the runner application, open a terminal and issue issue the following commands:

cd /path/to/whitebox_runner/script/
python3 wb_runner.py

If you recieve No module named '_tkinter' error when running the WhiteboxTools Runner on Linux, you likely need to install the python3-tk package:

  • For Ubuntu, Linux Mint, try sudo apt-get install python3-tk
  • For Manjaro, Arch Linux, try sudo pacman -S tk